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[looppress_media] Shortcode Tutorial

One of the key aspect of token gating is the ability to protect content from users who are not allowed to access it. By using the [looppress_media] shortcode, you can stream images, video, and audio files to users who have it unlocked.

Step 1:

Upload your protected media to the looppress media folder in the looppress admin dashboard under the looppress-> looppress media tab.

Copy the url to the file.

Step 2:

Create a new looppress post or navigate to the page where you want your content to be accessed.

Step 3:

Add the [looppress nft="nft id goes here"] shortcode to start a token gated section.

Add the [looppress_media type="video" src="paste url here"] shortcode after the opening shortcode.

  • the ‘type’ attribute defaults to image, but can be video, audio, or image.
  • To display a download button and support other file types, such as .zip, .pdf, .obj, etc, follow the same instructions but use [looppress_media_download] shortcode.

Add the ending [/looppress] shortcode to end the token gated section.

The code used for the section below

Working Example:

Here is a direct Link to the protected File -> https://www.looppress.dev/wp-content/plugins/LoopPress/protected-folder/intro_final.mp4 (It’s Forbidden)

Thats it! publish the post or page and test out your hard work!