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[looppress] Shortcode Tutorial

The [looppress] Shortcode is the heart of looppress’s functionality. This post is going to explain how to use it to create a token gated content section, and don’t worry — it’s easier than it sounds.

What is a Shortcode?

Shortcode is a WordPress feature that allows plugins and themes to inject logic into a post or page. They are placed anywhere you can edit content, and are placed within [brackets].

Step 1:

Create a new post or page, or navigate to the page you want to place the gated content.


Create a new Looppress Post.

Step 2:

Add the [looppress] shortcode to start the token gated content section.

[looppress] shortcode requirements

In order to gate content, you need to provide at least one of the following shortcode attributes.

  • nft = "0x000000"
  • minter = "0x000000"
  • contract = "0x000000"

Example Shortcode: [looppress minter = "0x000000"]

Step 3:

Add whatever content, this can be blocks, text, other shortcodes, or whatever you want to the page.

Step 4:

Place the [/looppress] Shortcode at the end of the gated content. This is very important!

That’s it! Publish the page and test out your hard work!